About Us

As we celebrate 50 years of great service and quality seed, we continue building our ever-evolving relationships with Iowa growers.

To help our customers reach their goals, we offer first class seed products. Combined with the support of our agronomic program, Per4M®, we provide educated, research-based product recommendations specifically designed for your fields.

We have a dealer network and teams that truly care about your success. Kruger Seeds​ reps know their regions’ growing conditions and understand the needs of farmers in their area.

We all treat each other like family. Our customers call their reps by their first names, and Kruger Seeds reps call their customers by their first names. We couldn’t do business any other way.

First Class Seed. First Name Service.®

Per4MSM Agronomic System Per4M Agronomic System

We believe that personalized service and local support can make all the difference in your success. We know the Iowa growing environment and are here to help you. That’s why we developed Per4M®, an agronomic system designed to make the most of every season.

Since no two fields are exactly alike, the information from Per4M helps us provide you with personal support in four key areas:

  1. Local genetic guidance
  2. Local trait recommendations
  3. Personalized seed treatments
  4. Season-long agronomic support

Visit our agronomy library​ to view our research.