Bin vs. bag

Bin-run seed provides a false sense of economy

Every year a small percentage of farmers try to beat the odds by going to the bin in an effort to save a few dollars per acre on seed costs. However, no data from any source (farmer, seed company, university or otherwise) has ever shown a probable net economic advantage for planting bin-run seed. All extensive studies conducted tend to indicate that planting bin-run seed is a false sense of economy. The graphs below explain why.*

Research indicates that new seed, which has been grown, processed, conditioned cleaned and correctly stored by professionals out-yields bin-run seed 81 percent of the time by an average of 2.9 bushels per acre.

*Comparison is based on the combined averages of tests conducted in multiple years and in multiple locations by the Illinois Crop Improvement Association, Farm Focus, Asgrow plot co-operators, University of Georgia and Ohio Seed Improvement Association.

Prescription combinations to fit your needs

There are simply too many unexpected variables that can develop during any growing season to rely on just one soybean selection. Kruger offers a combination of our top genetics on a prescription basis. Maximize your profit while spreading and minimizing your risk. We offer:

  • Poly vinyl-lined bags
  • Free farm delivery
  • Bulk seed program
  • Seed sizing
  • Vigor stress testing
  • Diverse superior new genetics
  • Replant guarantee program that you cannot get planting bin-run seed
  • Foliar fungicide treated production fields for control of many diseases
  • CruiserMaxx® Pak seed treatment
  • ApronMaxx® seed treatment
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