The Climate Corporation

The Climate FieldView™ platform is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help you improve productivity and increase yield. It combines your knowledge with historical and up-to-date information to generate customized insights to help you and your trusted advisors make decisions with confidence for your farm. The Kruger team recommends The Climate FieldViewplatform for growers who are interested in getting their data seamlessly from the cab to the Cloud and using powerful data science tools for advanced insights. Climate FieldView is offered in three tiers: Climate FieldView™ Pro, Climate FieldView™ Plus and Climate FieldView™ Prime. Offers start at $499.

Climate FieldView™ Pro

Climate FieldView Pro offers field-level insights all season long. In Climate FieldView Pro, you’ll have access to the entire Climate FieldView Platform, including Nitrogen Advisor, Field Health Advisor and Script Creator.

  • Nitrogen Advisor allows you to plan your nitrogen applications in advance and monitor your anticipated N levels throughout the season. Nitrogen advisor uses historical weather, soil, and crop data to provide you a prediction of whether you will have enough nitrogen to hit your yield targets.
  • Script Creator is an easy-to-use tool that will generate customized variable-rate planting scripts for your field. Script Creator provides a soil map of your fields, allowing you to create custom management zones and then execute on your equipment of choice.
  • Field Health Advisor uses in-season and historical field imaging to evaluate crop health and identify issues before they impact yield. Integrated scouting allows you to drop geo-located pins on your field health images and navigate to those spots in the field for a closer look at the issues identified.

  • Climate FieldView™ Plus

    Climate FieldView Plus provides the opportunity to gain increased knowledge of your fields, allowing you to be more efficient and make better decisions throughout the season. Combined with the Climate FieldViewTM Drive, you can see your planting and harvest data in real time on your iPad® through the Climate FieldView Cab app. Collect your planting data at the start of the season and then compare your harvest data with your planting data at the end of the season to compare the results side-by-side for future decision making.

    Learn more about the Climate FieldView Drive

    Climate FieldView™ Prime

    Climate FieldView Prime is a simple and easy tool for timely decision-making. Climate FieldView Prime includes the ability for you to view past historical weather data on your fields as well. Scouting is also available and provides the ability to drop a geo-located pin on a map of your field so that you can go back to that same location you were scouting days, weeks or months ago. Climate FieldView Prime is available for free at, on the iPad®, iPhone® or for Android™.

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