Broad Germplasm

It all starts with plant breeding. Germplasm is the building block for better products. When beginning the breeding process, we start with a larger genetic pool of possible products, narrow them down in less time and test more high-potential top performers in fields like yours.

Pre-Commercial Testing

In this phase, we begin selecting the products to undergo local testing. We use local breeding and technology development plots to understand early product potential and determine which products perform best under differing agronomic conditions.

Local Testing

With assistance from our Kruger Seeds technical agronomists, we select a handful of products to test in Kruger Seeds™ trials. Before a product is brought to market, we test and monitor it across hundreds of field scenarios in your local area.

Adding to the Kruger Seeds™ Product Lineup

After local testing, our technical agronomists select the products that performed the best across the area we serve. These products are introduced each year into our lineup.

Our Kruger Seeds Operations team has a large capacity to respond quickly to Kruger dealers’ and customer’s needs. There are times when we have to keep asking questions to get to the real issue – then we act. This strategy delivers an efficient and productive experience for Kruger Seeds customers.
Bill Zimmerman
Team Lead