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Per4M® Agronomy Program

Per4M® Agronomy Program by Kruger Seeds is designed to help maximize your yield potential. We provide personalized local support, industry-leading technology and Iowa-focused product recommendations to help you get more out of your fields.

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Growing Success

At Kruger Seeds, we know your local growing environment and we are here to help you reach your maximum potential. That’s why we developed Per4M® Agronomy Program, an agronomic program designed to provide guidance and simplify the dozens of complicated choices you have to make every season. Since no two fields are exactly alike, Per4M Agronomy Program considers your specific local growing conditions and provides personal support in four key areas: genetics, traits, seed treatments and agronomics. As always, we will be there to guide and support you all season long. After all, that’s the Kruger Seeds way.

First Name Service

Kruger Seeds technical agronomists develop a personal relationship with you. We analyze your farming goals and make customized product recommendations that fit your operation.

We also provide you with locally focused advice on crop management solutions and alert you of developing situations that could affect your farm’s profitability.

Iowa-Focused Product Recommendations

At Kruger Seeds, we apply our state-specific knowledge to select and place products that address the diverse cropping situations found across Iowa.

Our dealers, technical agronomists and field sales representatives provide you with a truly localized seed purchase experience — Kruger Seeds products are planted in your neighborhood.

Industry-Leading Technology

Kruger Seeds technical agronomists help you sort through the many ag technologies and choose the products that best address the needs of your Iowa soils.

Kruger Seeds™ products are backed by a global germplasm catalog and an advanced trait pipeline. We offer industry-leading corn, soybean and alfalfa products with an Iowa fit.

Year-Round Agronomic Support

Expert service from a team of technical agronomists comes with your purchase of Kruger Seeds™ products.

Let Per4M® Agronomy Program and your experienced Kruger Seeds technical agronomists help you achieve your goals each and every season.

We are excited to offer these helpful tools and local personal service to better serve you.

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