For best-in-class alfalfa seed products, look no further than Kruger Seeds. See how our selection of alfalfa products can increase your yield potential and protect your bottom line.

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Field and weather conditions may vary from area to area. The ratings in the charts are to be used as guidelines only. The limitations of warranty and liability on each bag of seed are part of the terms of the sale thereof.

Rating System: 1 = Excellent, 9 = Poor, - = data is insufficient at this time, NR = Not Recommended Disease Rating Index: 30 = Best Winter Hardiness: 1 = Noreseman, 2 = Vernal, 3 = Ranger, 4 = Sarac, 5 = DuPuits, 6 = Lahontan, 7 = Mesilla, 8 = Moapa 69, 9 = CUF101 Disease Ratings: HR = Highly Resistant, R = Resistant, MR = Moderate Resistance, LR = Low Resistance, S = Susceptible, NA = No Data Available

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Data-Driven Breeding

The Roundup Ready® Alfalfa system provides the opportunity to deliver unsurpassed weed control with superior crop safety, allowing you to grow more higher-quality alfalfa.

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