Corn Product Silage Quality

Trial Objective
  • In order to get the most out of corn silage, the corn product should produce high tonnage with favorable silage quality characteristics.
  • This study was conducted to determine the silage quality characteristics of various corn products.
Research Site Details 
  • The study was set up as a randomized complete block with three replications.
  • Twenty corn products were evaluated.
  • Corn was sprinkler irrigated and weeds were controlled as needed. No fungicide or insecticide was applied.
  • Silage quality was sampled for each corn product between ½ to ¾ milk line. Sampling date varied by relative maturity, but all sampling occurred in the first two weeks of September.
  •  Corn products were hand-harvested one inch above the soil surface to provide a representative sample and were then chopped with a wood chipper.
  • A subsample of the freshly-chopped material was collected and sent to Dairyland Laboratories Inc. for silage quality analysis.
Understanding the Results
  • Corn products did vary in silage quality as there were significant differences in all characteristics tested as reported in Table 1.
  • Producers should work with their local seed sales team to identify how their branded corn products performed in this study.
What Does This Mean for Your Farm?
  • Silage quality characteristics varied across the twenty corn products tested.
  • This silage quality test should help farmers choose corn products that provide more value to their operation.


Corn Product Silage Quality Figure 1
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