2020 Iowa Regional Harvest Results

3 Minute Read Time | Huxley, Iowa Field Research

Throughout the state in any given year, our products are put to the test in various research trials.  These trials allow us to gain insights to help complete a year-long story of product performance, agronomic characteristics, and weather patterns.  

We spend months planning out our research programs across the region, but as you know, our research is just as vulnerable to extreme weather conditions as the crops on your farm. 2019 was delayed planting due to wet conditions.  2020 a global pandemic didn’t slow our essential crop production industry, however an August derecho can ruin months of work and resources in about 15 minutes.  What will 2021 bring?  With conditions like this, we often see research results that may not match data from prior years, but we can use these challenges as an opportunity to evaluate, learn, and provide better insights for the future.

We hope you enjoy all of this information and find it insightful.

Market Development Technical Research Team 
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Soybean Research

Corn Research


Soybean Research

Tailored Solutions – Soybean Systems Management 1018_R1 https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library/tailored-solutions-corn-systems-management.html 

Effects of Tillage Systems in Soybean Production 2018_R1 https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library//effects-of-tillage-systems-in-corn-and-soybean-production.html

Yield Observations When Shifting to Earlier Relative Maturity Soybeans 3011_R11  https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library/yield-observations-when-shifting-to-earlier-maturity-group-soybeans.html

Effects of Fungicide and Planting Date on Soybean Productivity 5003_R2 https://krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library/effects-fungicide-planting-date-soybean-productivity.html 

Effects of Fungicide and Seeding Rate on Soybean Productivity 5003_R1  https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library//effects-fungicide-seeding-rate-soybean-productivity.html

Leverage 360 Insecticide for Japanese Beetle Control in Soybean 5008_R1 https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library//leverage-360-japanese-beetle-control-soybean.html

Corn Research

Kruger Brand Corn Product Response to Nitrogen in Iowa 1011_R9 https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library/kruger-seeds-brand-corn-products-response-nitrogen-iowa.html

Corn Yield Response to Plant Row Spacing and Seeding Rate 3013_R11 https://www.krugerseed.com/en-us/research-library/corn-yield-response-to-row-spacing-and-seeding-rate.html




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