Impact of Soybean Seed Treatment and Planting Date


  • Improvements in soybean seed quality and seed treatments have led to increased yield potential in early-planted soybean crops. In favorable planting conditions, early-planted soybeans can out-perform later-planted soybeans.1

  • Early-planted soybean plants may be at greater risk than late-planted soybean plants to injury from exposure to cold and wet conditions.

  • The Monmouth Learning Center has conducted a trial for the past two years to evaluate the impact of a fungicide and insecticide seed treatment and planting date on soybean yield potential.



LocationMonmouth, IL Planting Dates


4/24/19, 6/3/19


4/25/18, 5/18/18

Soil TypeSilt loamHarvest Dates10/15/1910/18/18
Previous CropCorn Potential Yield (bu/acre)8080
Tillage TypeConventionalSeeding Rate (seeds/acre)130K130K


  • A 3.6 MG Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean product was selected for this trial.
  • Four treatments were included in this study:  
    • Treatment 1: Early-planted (4/24/19) untreated seed
    • Treatment 2: Early-planted treated seed with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD (includes fungicides and insecticides) 
    • Treatment 3: Late-planted (6/3/19) untreated seed
    • Treatment 4: Late-planted seed treated with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD 
  • This trial consisted of two replications.

  • Results were combined with 2018 trial data (Figure 2).  



  • For this location, planting later resulted in a higher average yield than earlier planting. However, this is not consistent with most trials conducted at the Monmouth Learning Center. The yields in the earlier planting date may have been affected by the prolonged cold, wet conditions in the spring of 2019.

  • Seedlings treated with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD appeared healthier and more vigorous after emergence (Figure 1).

  • Over two years at this location, Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions provided an average 8.8 bu/acre advantage in the early-planted plots, and an average 4.2 bu/acre advantage in the late-planted plots.


  • At this location, Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions helped increase yield throughout the planting season.

  • The yield response from seed treatments can vary from year to year; consult your local Field Sales Representative or Technical Agronomist for recommendations.

  • Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions can help ensure better seedling establishment and improved seeding vigor (Figure 1).


1Nafziger, E. 2019. Early-season soybean management for 2019. University of Illinois Extension.

Web source verified 10/30/19. 3002_R1


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