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Eleven Bayer seed brands are joining forces to launch the enhanced Channel® seed brand.

Local Success Stories

Kruger Seeds™ products and expertise are focused on local Iowa fields. We’re proud to offer agronomic advice and locally tested seed to help you increase yield potential and control weeds in your fields. Hear what other Iowa farmers are saying about us.


    "Farm economics is driving my seed recommendations to match the appropriate level of trait protection to specific field needs. This takes time but also ensures that the customer gets a great value for their investment with Kruger Seeds."
    Missy Merwald Field Sales Representative, Ankeny, IA
    "Farmers ask me why we don’t get involved in equipment giveaways that other companies are doing. Under the current economics, performance and choosing the proper agronomic characteristics are more valuable to my customers."
    Adam KrichauField Sales Representative, Pleasantville, IA

    Locally Tested Products

    Kruger Seeds provides corn, soybeans and alfalfa seed for Iowa.

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    Stay up to date on the latest agronomy info for Iowa.

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